Abstracted Self Workshop

We kicked off our 2018 workshop programme with artist Antonia Attwood’s Abstracted Self workshop. Our workshops throughout 2018 are generously funded by Big Lottery Fund. We’ll be looking at the full spectrum of human emotion, both positive and negative, through photography.

Antonia Attwood is an UK and international artist, working with moving image and photography. Currently studying her MA in Photography at the Royal College of Art. Antonia’s body of work has developed a focus on illustrating and visually interpreting how mental illness ‘feels’. In 2016/2017 she was one of our artist in residence and produced her participatory exhibition Manifestations of the Mind.

In our Abstracted Self workshop we experimented with portraits, milk marbling and layering. Milk marbling involves using milk, food colouring and washing up liquid to create fantastic (and unpredictable) marbling patterns. We first started making these using all different colours and then photographing our favourite patterns.

Abstracted Self workshop with Antonia Attwood

Abstracted Self workshop with Antonia Attwood

Antonia then set up a small and simple photographic studio in our workshop room. Each participant worked with Antonia to take their portrait — a simple black and white image on a headshot. These were printed on to standard paper, whilst the photos of our abstract marbling were printed on to acetate. We then started to layer the two together, chopping and cutting and sticking to merge the abstract shapes with our faces.

Here are some examples below. Thanks Antonia!

Made by Leslie Wilson-Rutterford

Made by Becky Morris Knight

You can try milk marbling for yourself — here’s a video on YouTube of the process.

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  1. 09 Mar, 2018

    What a great workshop – so good to hear about it. The photographs capture the atmosphere and detail of the work. Love the outputs . Could they be hung in the centre ?

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