Agamographs workshop by Paloma Tendero


Last week we had artist Paloma Tendero come and run our agamographs workshop. The concept of the agamograph was invented by Israeli artist Yaacov Agam and is a piece of art that changes at different angles. You have probably seen the concept used on billboards and in advertising — as you move past them an image is revealed.

Paloma’s own practice is often about identity and how we see ourselves. In this workshop participants were tasked with thinking about how they see themselves — what kind of ‘masks’ do they wear in different situations, or what kind of contrasts are present in their life? They then went off and made photographs together to represent these two perspectives. Some people brought in other personal images to use.

We then printed the images, chopped them into strips and glued them on to alternating strips. The effect is that as you move around each of the images the alternating images reveal themselves. Such a fun and creative workshop! You can make the folds as big or small as you like — try it for yourself. Thanks Paloma!

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