Artist Peer Group

Our artist peer group has been running for over 3 years now! The group is facilitated by Daniel Regan and is for artists of all backgrounds, disciplines and experiences to share work and ideas that relate to health and wellbeing. The group meets monthly and is made up of 130 members attending on a rolling basis, with group numbers ranging from 6 — 20 each month. Artists come from all different disciplines, ranging from photographers and filmmakers to painters, illustrators, poets and many more. The group runs alongside Daniel’s website where he interviews photographers working in mental health. This group is open to all disciplines (not just photographers).

The group sessions are divided up into 4 slots where participants can share work or ideas for 20 minutes to get feedback from the group. The group is a place to help ideas move forward, encouraging everyone to use the arts to explore our health, wellbeing and personal works. There is never any pressure to share work — people attend to share (if they feel like it), see what others are up to, and be a part of a peer supportive group. The group provides a safe place to share works and ideas in a supportive space. The group is very open to sharing and we also discuss opportunities for exhibiting, current exhibitions and contacts.

In our October group we had five presenters and 11 attendees. After each session Daniel sends out a re-cap of who presented what, as well as opportunities that were mentioned. This is distributed via the peer group mailing list. You can have a read of what we got up to in the October group here.

If you’d like to attend the group then please get in touch and we’d be happy to send over more information. To see upcoming dates for the group please check the peer group page.

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