Coping with Circumstance

Last week photographer Willie Robb came to run his Coping with Circumstance workshop with us. We went on a photo walk making images around a particular theme to begin with. Then back in our lovely Sun Room we printed some 5x7in images and started to deconstruct the images.

We used a weak isopropyl alcohol on the inkjet prints, then started to work on them using cotton buds, cuticle sticks, scissors and all sorts. It took some experimentation to get it working, but the result was that you could bleach the colour from some of the images, and scratch into the prints to create different effects. The key was getting the ink whilst it was fresh!

We then decorated them further with paints, sharpies and glitter. A great afternoon of experimenting. Often we see printed photographs as precious, so it was great to work with the idea of deconstructing and damaging them.

Here’s some work by participants:

Made by Allison

Made by Jacqueline

Made by Cina

Made by Daniel

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