Cyanotype workshop

We brought our cameraless photography workshops to a close with a cyanotype workshop this week. These prints create beautiful deep blues that enrich over a 24 hour period. We started off learning a bit about the process (all readily available over on Wikipedia!), before mixing up our own chemicals and coating our papers with the light sensitive solution.

Whilst those were drying we collected items from our well-beeing garden, ready for assemblage. The process works wonderfully with delicate items and some people brought in fabrics and personal objects to experiment with.

Then we let the sun do its work! The paper changes from a yellow to a deep grey/brown colour, that’s when you know your print is cooked and ready to be rinsed. It’ll immediately turn blue and white once rinsed. And those blues darken over the next 24 hours. Some of us even basked in the afternoon sun as we waited for the prints to dry.

Here’s a selection of the works made that we scanned in at the end of the session.

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