Get a Grip!

Get a Grip was the first in a series of workshops by artist in residence Julia Mason. Julia is using her residency with us to explore the emotional and physical impact of a stroke on individuals. She will be working with stroke support groups locally and is looking to work one to one and in groups with stroke survivors so do please get in touch if you would like to be involved in the project.

Get a Grip saw Julia casting individual grips using papier-mâché. The casting method allowed for Julia to speak one to one to those being cast as the individuals gripped the papier-mâché and Julia gently wiped away the excess mache. The grips showed a range of strengths and a different level of details. Those taking part in this event were not stroke survivors with Julia keen to explore the different shapes and intensity of grips of a range of participants.

In her next workshop Julia is hosting a drop in workshop to build your own brain neuron. Julia will be collecting the neurons constructed in workshops across the course of her residency and with these she will be creating a piece for the exhibition so do come along and add your own neuron to the mix!

7th June 12.30 – 4pm GYM room

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