Hold On or Let Go

In keeping with the theme of changes and transitions in our current exhibition Flux, this week we had our workshop Hold On or Let Go run by Antonia Attwood. In the workshop we made permanent and temporary art pieces by making photograms. Photograms are photographs made without cameras just using light and photographic paper.

In this workshop we experimented with two different types of photograms. In the first instance we exposed found and personal objects on to black and white photographic paper. These were placed on to the paper and exposed using sunlight. In a normal photographic darkroom you would then wash these exposures in fix to make the images permanent. When you don’t do this and leave them to continue exposing the prints slowly fade away — a beautiful metaphor to letting go.

Secondly we repeated the same process using Sunography paper. With this paper you simply rinse the paper after exposing for it to fix the image into a vibrant and brilliant blue — creating a cyanotype.

For both of these techniques you need SUNLIGHT! Unfortunately we had a bit of a gloomy day so the exposures took longer to come out we had a few failures. But it’s all part of the experimenting process. Process process process! We still got some great prints after all.

We used elements taken from our well-beeing garden as well personal objects that people had brought in. Remember the flatter they are the better to create firmer shadows.

Here are some of the final scanned pieces. Remember that the images made on traditional darkroom paper will slowly fade away, the more they expose to sunlight. We’ll be running another workshop like this later in the year. Sign up to our mailing list (at the bottom of our website) to get monthly information about our workshops and exhibitions.

Made by Joanne

Made by Katerina

Made by Kate

Made by Michaela

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