In conversation with Zara Carpenter and Daniel Regan

To accompany our exhibition we invited Zara Carpenter in to talk about her journey with art, creativity and living with an invisible illness.

One of Zara Carpenter’s earliest memories as a small child is laying in bed at night rubbing her legs to soothe them. Pain has walked beside her for most of her life, a constant companion. In this solo exhibition Zara shares works from both past and present projects exploring pain. From the ritual of taking medication in The Painkiller Prints to visualising both physical and psychological trauma with her on-going series Distress.

Zara’s artistic practice investigates the hidden aspects of living with a chronic invisible illness. Her interdisciplinary work spans various media, combining print making and photography and often using materials of an ephemeral nature.

During this talk Daniel and Zara spoke about the process behind the work, and the constant need to create in order to cope with the constant pain caused by living with an invisible illness. Zara’s show is on until the end of August in the 1st floor gallery space. Make sure you come by and check it out!

A Constant Companion / Discovery

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