Intuitive Collage

In our next series of workshops artist Michael Crossan ran our Intuitive Collage session. Collage is the process of creating new works from an assemblage of other elements. In this workshop we were working with a huge amount of magazines! Got lots of old magazines? This is a great way to put them to good use before they go in the recycling.

Firstly we started with our blank slates — a small A5 sized board to work on to. Michael encouraged us to look through the magazines and follow our instincts and intuition. If we found something interesting and were drawn to it, we tore or cut them out without thinking about why. After we had about 10 pages or images each, we worked intuitively to cut, tear, glue and place the elements on our boards.

As we each finished our collages we shared what it might represent to us, uncovering our subconscious feelings and moods. The result was a series of powerful collages that we’ll be exhibiting in our exhibition early next year. Thank you to Michael for another fantastic and engaging workshop!

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