Kid’s Comicbook Making

On Monday we had the incredibly talented illustrator Elsbeth van der Poel running our kids’ comic book making workshop. Surrounded by colour we had 16 kids and their parents creatively constructing their own comic books based on our own inner villains!

We started by coming up with ideas for our villains by thinking about all the elements that make up a villain:

  • What kind of emotions does a villain have? Lots of anger! Impatience. Jealousy. All sorts of negative feelings.
  • We then started thinking about what makes a villain cranky. Running out of toothpaste? Missing the bus? Having to wake up early?
  • Lastly a location: the supermarket, in the street, in their bedrooms.

We then got to start planning our four panel comic before going outside and making photographs of ourselves, so that we could print and cut ourselves out so that we could become the villains ourselves.

After all the printing, cutting, sticking and drawing we had a fun reflection session and the kids got to take home their comics, inspired for our next session the 22nd August, focusing on superheroes.

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