Looking for the Details

Photographer Celine Marchbank was back with us running her workshop Looking for the Details. A lot of Celine’s work is about noticing the often unseen beautiful moments in the every day. Her own projects have focused on the loss of her mother and subsequently cooking the recipes that her mother left behind through her life as a head chef.

Firstly Celine set our participants a task: produce a triptych (a series of 3 images) that represent the local area of Kentish Town. For those that were local she stressed for them to really notice the details of the area, to broaden the things that they would usually look at. With cameras in hand we each set off with the task to be more mindful and present of our surroundings.

After each person returned Celine sat down with them 1-2-1 with help them to create their triptych, by editing down their images to create the best series of images that complimented each other.

After the editing process we reflected as a group on what the exercise had produced. Reflection is a key part of our workshops, to feedback as a group what the workshop has been like and to share our work with one another. It was really exciting to see how differently people interpret a creative task and the feelings it brings up for people. Everybody’s unique set of images helped to highlight the beauty we can find in the every day when we are more present in our daily lives.

Below is some of the series made by participants in the group. Thanks so much for running our workshop Celine!

Images by Anna
Images by Cina
Images by Jo
Images by Ren

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