Neurodiversity Event

During October and November Inclusive Arts Practice MA student Jess Starns delivered her art-based research project with 8 participants answering the research question How should we interpret and curate the history of labelling people with learning difficulties (neurodiversity)?

On Thursday 31st January we held a showcase event displaying the artwork we had designed over the 7 meetings celebrating the work we had created. Even with the bad weather around 20 people turned up to look at the work. Once people arrived I gave a short talk about the research and an overview of the project. We displayed the work in the Gym room space that we took ownership of during the research at The Free Space Project. The artwork was displayed on tables in the order of the meetings, starting with work created on the first day until the last. In the middle of the room were tables full of art materials to make badges and protest signs and lots of printed out newspaper headlines that we used as inspiration during the research.

This was a follow on from one of our research meetings looking at charity and protest that we were interested in exploring. We wanted to focus on what an accessible protest would look like and to protest on how neurodiversity is portrayed in the media. Lots of people sat and concentrated on making badges and signs from discussions we were having at the showcase. Having individual conversations with nearly everyone who attended during the evening I felt positive with the feed back received.

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