Pain Sculptures

On Monday we had artist Gil Doron running our Pain Sculptures workshop. Gil is a socially engaged artist based in Brighton who often works around political themes and has experience in working with marginalised communities.

In this workshop we first started mapping out words to describe our pain, be it physical or emotional. The words helped us to start to think about how our sculptures might look, or whether they might be a particular colour. Then we started to get a little messy using air drying clay and all sorts of materials to build our sculptures that represented our pain. Gil had brought some great jars along so that when we felt the sculptures were finished we could bottle them up and contain the pain.

Pain Sculptures

Some people made quite a few sculptures so that they could take them away, and each person left behind a sculpture to contribute a piece to our exhibition that will be running in early 2019. As part of our Big Lottery funding we’ll be hosting an exhibition in the health centre of works made during our 2018 workshop programme and these beautiful and poignant sculptures will make for great exhibition items. Here are some of the final sculptures made by workshop participants.

Made by Cina

Made by Makeda

Made by Jacqueline

Made by Allison

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