Drawing for People with Aphasia

Drawing for People with Aphasia

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These are monthly sessions run by Catriona Andrew. Please get in touch with Cat on catandrew.ca@gmail.com or see the Facebook page to find out about upcoming workshops. Next dates for this workshop are:

24th November
15th December

See the world in a different way.

Drawing is a different way of thinking to language.

This project is for people with aphasia who can’t draw and who have always wanted to learn. It is also for those who used to draw but don’t anymore. It also for those that do draw but want to explore further. The group is also open to people with other neurological difficulties/mental health difficulties, e.g. dementia or depression.

Observational drawing can help self-esteem and confidence, thinking and memory, social skills and pleasure in life.

Our facilitator Catriona Andrew also hopes it will help language. But most of all that people will learn a new skill in a friendly atmosphere and it will be fun!

  • Date: 24 Apr 2017
Drawing for People with Aphasia