My Mother’s Daughter


Exhibition runs March 9th — May 5th 2017
Mon — Fri, 9am — 6.30pm (1st floor)

My Mother’s Daughter is an exhibition of sensitive photographic works by three artists examining the loss and legacy of their mothers. In each of the works the artists have found a unique method of retaining the bond between mother and daughter, in an exploration of grief, motherhood, genetic inheritance and their continuing role as daughters.

After her mother’s death and whilst clearing out her home, Celine Marchbank discovered boxes of her mother’s old recipes, a lifetime’s collection of being a head chef. She decided to learn to cook them all as a way to feel closer to her mother. Her work A Stranger in my Mother’s Kitchen is part of her on-going journey through grief and learning about life without her mother.

Paloma Tendero was born with Polycystic Kidney Disease, a genetic disorder inherited from her mother. This genetic flaw has led her to explore the physical and psychological relationships that spring from her inherited determinism. Through photography and sculpture the artist looks for an interpretation of this co-existence between biological determinism and the desire for free will.

Jessa Fairbrother’s work explores the loss of her mother and the artist’s own inability to become one. She uses the camera to record her performance of role- play in it’s many forms, often stitching and piercing photographs to amplify the relationship between herself and the parts she plays. Here she uses herself-as- subject to respond to her simultaneous experience of miscarriage and becoming an adult orphan.

  • Date: 09 Mar 2017