Be Here, Now

Virtual Reality Workshops


Artists Daniel Regan and Antonia Attwood invite participants to be build upon their project Be Here, Now, which explores the soothing qualities that landscape can provide for us. In this series of workshops participants will get the chance to experiment with virtual reality technology in relation to landscape.

In these workshops participants will attend two sessions. The first session will take part outdoors as part of a walk. During the walk we will use a 360 degree camera to capture the land around us and discuss the impact that landscape has on us. In the second session we will be editing the virtual reality footage and looking at how VR technology can transport us to another place.

Workshop Dates:
These workshops are FREE. Please note that you must attend both workshops (in either group 1 or 2).

Group 1:
28th November, 1pm — 3pm (location TBC)
30th November, 6.30pm — 8.30pm (Kentish Town Health Centre)
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Group 2:
4th December, 1pm — 3pm (location TBC)
7th December, 6.30pm — 8.30pm (Kentish Town Health Centre)
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  • Date: 26 Oct 2017
Virtual Reality Workshops
Virtual Reality Workshops