Sense and Memory Workshops

Over the last five weeks we’ve been having quite a lot of fun exploring sensory stimuli and trying out different creative approaches to help capture our responses to these smells, tastes, forms and textures, sounds and sights. 

A central aim of the project has been to use the workshops to introduce a range of working approaches that are potentially of interest and useful to the participants, such as using a variety of media and materials (drawing/painting/photography/text), and considering the stimulus from different perspectives – as a journey or movement; as structure, colour and form; or looking for the abstract and figurative.  Through this approach and the sharing of responses amongst the participants, different approaches and ways of working have developed, opening up potential and ideas for further exploration.

This has been the first stage of a series of workshops at Free Space/KTHC.  The next stage is offering the project to young and older community members, and also looking at ways to take the project further with the initial group of participants.

If you would like to be informed of future workshops, or know young people or older people who would like to join the next workshops, please write:

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