Sense & Memory workshops

On August the 1st we started off the first in our series of Sense & Memory workshops. Run by Ritu Sood & Leo Smith, in these workshops we’re exploring the five senses, then creating artworks as a result of the memories they evoke. To start we kicked off with TASTE! Today we had a selection of tastes available for adults and children to try. Then people created artworks using a range of materials, combining words to explore what these tastes evoked for them.

Strawberries, cherries, ginger, lime rind, tamarind, onion, capers and much more!

These workshops run for the next five weeks. Have a look at the project page for dates and sign up if you’d like to come along.

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  1. 01 Aug, 2019

    Looks a wonderful start to a great series
    Thanks for circulating the news and images

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