Sense & Memory

August 29th saw the last of our Sense & Memory workshops, this week exploring sight. Run by Leo Smith & Daniel Regan we set out to make sun prints using botanicals from our wellbeing garden.

Much like the anthotype process, sun prints (or lumen prints as they’re also called) are a cameraless photographic technique. Using light sensitive photographic paper, and composing elements onto the sheets, the works are then left in sunlight to expose with Perspex or glass on top.

As the paper begins to darken due to the sun exposure, what remains underneath the objects stays safe out of the suns rays. When you remove the objects it reveals a fantastic silhouette of your objects. Working with botanicals is great for this. Leaves that are translucent create an x-ray effect. If you have Perspex on glass on top of your leaves you may end up with condensation building up, which can create a chemical reaction to the paper and leave you with a selection of colours.

Whilst we waited for them to expose we experimented with ideas of what they might look like, discussing the process, then made some more!

Sun prints will keep exposing unless you use a chemical ‘fix’ to stop them from developing. See some of the final works below by participants from the group.

Made by Dolores

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