Tuesday 10th April was Sunflower seed planting day at the Kentish Town Health Centre. After months of mournful weather we hope that the seeds planted will grow in to wonderful tall sunflowers. We have chosen a raised flower bed which flanks the main entrance to the building and will be a bright and sunny welcome to the centre. As well as providing colour to the building and its surrounds the sunflowers have also been planted as part of an in-house competition.

The health centre in which we are based is a busy NHS building providing a great range of clinical and non clinical services. Its size and busy nature mean that often those working in the building or running workshops and projects there do not cross paths. We thought that by asking various teams in the building to plant sunflowers, tend to them throughout the summer and have them measured at their peak, would provide an opportunity for mixing of teams and some healthy competition! Some teams took the planting quite seriously adding their own mulch and liquid feed (secret recipe).

So the seeds are in, the rain has fallen and now we must wait for the plants to make themselves known above the soil. For now we wish all the teams the best of luck.

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