Art of Kintsugi Workshop

The Art of Kintsugi

Last Wednesday artist Michael Crossan held our wonderful workshop on the art of Kintsugi. Michael has worked with us before, notably organising the Light Therapy exhibition in 2017. The act of Kintsugi (meaning “golden repair”) is working with broken ceramics with gold or silver. The philosophy around Kintsugi is about highlighting the beautiful uniqueness of something that is broken, instead of trying to hide it. This poignant philosophy originates from Japan and has links to wabi-sabi, the idea that there is beauty in the broken.

Although we couldn’t quite push the budget for real gold, Michael led this wonderful workshop teaching us how to repair bowls using pigments mixed with glues. As an additional layer we each made a photograph from outside that was printed on to inkjet decal paper and then transferred on to their bowl in various shapes. A key part of repairing the bowls was to slow down and hold the bowls carefully, for 5 minutes, whilst they glued back together. In today’s fast paced society where we’re surrounded by distractions, the act of just focusing on something for 5 minutes was a welcome act.

This workshop was so popular (thanks for the mention in Time Out London) that we may well run another. Thanks to the Big Lottery Fund for supporting our workshop programme in 2018!

Some participants from the workshop have kindly temporarily donated their bowls to go in our exhibition that shares the outcomes of our workshop programme. This will be in February 2018. Sign up to our mailing list to find out about upcoming workshops.

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