The Knitting Circle

Last week saw the start of our 3 week project The Knitting Circle, run by artist Alejandra Picco. In these sessions Alejandra is interested in exploring the impact of knitting and crochet on wellbeing, as part of a meditative and collaborative practice to bring people together. Alejandra shared her personal and moving story about the impact her aunt had had on her, and how knitting had become an activity she took up whilst trying to become pregnant.

In this first session we began with the very basics of getting started with crochet. As some of us struggled others pitched in to help one another, with the spirit of collaboration coming through. As we crotched we chatted, drank tea, ate biscuits and got into the spirit of being present with every moving thread.

The Knitting Circle continues on the 16th and 23rd of August, 12.30pm — 2.30pm.

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