Visualising Emotion

In our on-going workshop series throughout 2018 we commissioned photographer Celine Marchbank to run a workshop called Visualising Emotion. Celine is an artist that notices details and captures the subtle moments that build into sensitive and beautiful series. We started the workshop with Celine introducing some of her work, most notably her book Tulip, about the last year of her mother’s life as she lived with cancer. Celine talked about creating sets of images and the importance of editing, looking at how images can build and strengthen each other when placed together.

Each participant had a think about emotion they were going to try and visualise before we went walking, armed with cameras, around the local area. The light was incredible and Celine helped everyone to slow down, take notice of the often unseen, and think about how to build their emotive sets of images. We were lucky to have a perfect spring evening and everyone worked together as well as taking themselves off alone to make photographs that stirred emotions in them.

When we got back to the health centre we sat down as a group and pored over the beautiful images that everyone had created. As a team we learnt about how to select images not just as singular images, but as diptychs and triptychs (sets of 2 and 3). It was a great exercise in taking a step back and letting others see the strengths and weaknesses in the work we create.

Some of the participants gave their permission to share their work. See below.

Images by Naomi Woddis

Images by Hollie Blanchard

Thanks Celine!

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