Workshop: For Now, Forever

Last month we had designer Chris Kelly come in and run our workshop, For Now, Forever. Chris usually works digitally, creating websites and apps alongside his own creative design projects. In a world where everything is expected to be shared instantly, Chris’ workshop asked us to ponder on who and where we might be in six months time.

In the workshop we started to think about what kind of message we’d like to send to our future selves. Would we tell ourselves to be easier on ourselves? What kind of reflections would we include? Combining a written letter and a series of photographs made in the session, we then learnt how to make our own origami envelopes (complete with colourful decoration) to hold all of our thoughts. The next step is the waiting part…

The envelopes are now safely being stored for six months, before they’ll be posted out to all the participants on March 16th 2019. This is a great exercise on slowing down and thinking about both the present and the future.

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